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Technical analysis of deep loosening of agricultural machinery
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Technical analysis of deep loosening of agricultural machinery

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(Summary description)Agricultural machinery deep soil preparation technology refers to the mechanized land preparation technology that carries out inter-row or all-round soil cultivation when the tractor is used to pull the deep soil machine or the combined soil preparation machine with deep soil components.

Technical analysis of deep loosening of agricultural machinery

(Summary description)Agricultural machinery deep soil preparation technology refers to the mechanized land preparation technology that carries out inter-row or all-round soil cultivation when the tractor is used to pull the deep soil machine or the combined soil preparation machine with deep soil components.

  • Categories:Company News
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  • Time of issue:2019-12-30 20:55
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Agricultural machinery deep soil preparation technology refers to the mechanized land preparation technology that carries out inter-row or all-round soil cultivation when the tractor is used to pull the deep soil machine or the combined soil preparation machine with deep soil components. This technology can break the hard bottom of the plow, thicken the loose soil layer and improve the structure of the soil layer without overturning the soil dam and disturbing the original soil layer structure, thereby enhancing the capacity of water storage and moisture retention and drought resistance and waterlogging. It can effectively improve the soil, enhance the basic production capacity of food and other crops, and promote agricultural production and farmers' income.

1. Technical advantages of deep loosening operation

● Why do you need to deepen?

In most areas of our area, the rotary cultivator has been used for long-term rotary tillage or shallow ploughing operations. A tight and closed bottom layer of plough is formed between the soil cultivation layer and the core soil layer. 8-12 cm. Its total porosity is 10% -20% lower than that of the cultivated layer or core soil layer, which hinders the connection of water, fertilizer, gas, and thermal gradients between the cultivated layer and the core soil layer, and reduces the soil's ability to resist disasters. At the same time, the root system of the crop is difficult to penetrate the bottom of the plow, the root system is shallow, the range of nutrient absorption is reduced, the disaster resistance is weak, and it is easy to cause lodging and premature aging, etc., which affects the increase in yield. The implementation of deep loosening of agricultural machinery can effectively break the bottom of the plow and improve soil, fertilizer, gas and heat conditions.

● What are the benefits of subsoiling agricultural machinery?

One is to promote soil water storage and moisture retention, and enhance the ability to resist drought and waterlogging. After deep loosening, the soil water storage capacity can be increased by about 15%, forming an underground "soil reservoir", reducing the number of irrigated land 1-2 times, and the bottom soil layer has more water storage, which makes the soil moisture distribution more stable, which is beneficial to the next year before the rainy season Drought resistance. The second is to promote the rooting of crops and improve the ability to resist lodging. Deep pine creates a good soil environment for crop growth, improves the growth conditions of crop roots, promotes thick roots, deeper roots, and optimized distribution, fully absorbs soil moisture and nutrients, and promotes crop production and development. The third is to promote the growth of crops and increase food production. After the subsoiling operation, the crop yield increased by 10%, and the yield increase effect can last for 2 to 3 years.

2. Choose the subsoiler suitable for our area

Through a comprehensive inspection of the operation modes and models used in many counties in our province, we have determined that the omnidirectional inverted arc trapezoidal subsoil machine is the main model in our area. The "rat road" does not leave deep marks on the surface of the soil, and will not move the clumping soil up; it can be applied to soil with different textures and a large amount of straw covering to avoid clogging and improve machine passability.
When purchasing a deep loose machine tool, the operator should pay attention to the following points: First, see whether the machine tool enjoys subsidies. Subsoil machines in the subsidy catalog can enjoy state subsidies, and pilots can pay less. The second is to buy brand products as much as possible. The production enterprises of brand products, because of their large scale of production, strong economic strength, high technical level, advanced production equipment and production technology, can guarantee product quality. Moreover, the after-sales service system of branded products is perfect. If there is a problem in the use of the machine, it can be repaired in time and the supply of accessories is guaranteed. The third is to carefully observe the machine. For example, check whether the welding is firm, whether the casting has air holes, sand holes, whether the oil seal is leaking, the quality of the surface treatment, and whether the paint is leaking. The fourth is to request a purchase certificate. Such as invoices, three guarantees cards, etc., so that future problems can be timely repaired three guarantees.

3. Installation and adjustment of deep loosening machine

● Installation of universal joint of subsoil machine

The two ends of the universal joint have two internal splines of different sizes. Among them, the internal splines in the small holes are connected to the tractor, and the internal splines in the large holes are connected to the subsoiler. After installation, the two spline joints are in the same plane.

● Adjust the left and right level of subsoiler

Raise the implement to make the loose shovel leave the ground, check whether the left and right shovel tips are level, adjust the tractor to suspend the left and right vertical rods until the level meets the requirements.

● Adjust the front and back level of the subsoiler

Open the tractor unit to a flat place and adjust the length of the tractor's upper lever. Before and after the leveling of the subsoiler, if the upper lever has been adjusted to the limit position and the level of the unit cannot be reached, it is necessary to change the fixing pin holes of the upper rod and the subsoiler, and at the same time adjust the length of the vertical rod until the unit is level before and after.

4. Subsoil operation

● Deep pine operation time is divided into summer deep pine operation and autumn deep pine operation

Summer subsoiling operation: Summer maize subsoiling operation before planting is conducive to fully receive summer rainwater, promote proper dense planting and fertilizer utilization of maize, promote root system development and crop growth, effectively increase corn yield and achieve cost savings and efficiency.

Subsoil operation in autumn: For plots where winter wheat is not planted in autumn, white subsoils are harvested after corn and peanuts are harvested; for plots planted with winter wheat in autumn, subsoiling is conducted before wheat is planted to receive rain and snow in the autumn and winter Water effectively resists spring drought. At the same time, before the sowing of winter wheat, deep pine should be used in combination with post-sow suppression, watering and other measures to enhance the effect of drought resistance and moisture retention. According to the seasonal conditions of agricultural time, our region is mainly dominated by autumn deep pine.

● Determine the depth of deep loosening

Implementation of the Ministry of Agriculture's industry standard "Operation Quality of Subsoiler" (NY / T 2845-2015) Regular subsoiling operation. The depth of deep pine is greater than or equal to 25 cm, and the depth of deep pine is not more than 2.5 times the depth of deep pine; high standard deep pine operation. The depth of deep loosening is greater than or equal to 35 cm, and the interval of deep loosening is not greater than 70 cm. Generally speaking, for the plots with perennial rotary tillage depth of 10-15 cm, the depth of deep pine can be up to 25 cm, but for the plots with perennial rotary tillage depth of more than 15 cm, the depth of deep pine should be increased accordingly.

V. Maintenance of deep loosening machine

● Shift maintenance of deep loosening machine

First, after each shift, the clay and debris on the machine must be removed to keep the machine clean. The second is to keep lubricating, adding oil to the bearing pad or rotating part twice per shift; adding grease to the bearing and the universal joint, and adding lubricating oil to each rotating part. The third is to check and tighten the fasteners in various parts. Fourth, after the deep loose shovel is blunt, it should be repaired or replaced in time. Fifth, check the gearbox oil level and maintain the prescribed oil level. Sixth, check whether all parts are damaged, and replace or repair damaged parts in time.

Source: Fengnan TV Station

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