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Brief Introduction of Boxu International Trade
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Brief Introduction of Boxu International Trade

Weifang Boxu International Trade Co., Ltd. was established in March 2019. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Weifang Taihong Group Company. The company has a registered capital of 5 million yuan. Its main business scope includes tractors and accessories, and related supporting products. Agricultural machinery; engines and Auto parts, construction machinery; casting parts; new energy batteries, new energy vehicles, chemical products, etc.
At present, the company's main sales products are tractors and related supporting agricultural machinery products. Since its establishment in March 2019, the company and Made in China Network, Xugong Group, Weichai Group, Yunnei Power, Laidong Power, Yucheng Hongri Machinery, Shandong Tiansheng, Shandong Yuntai Machinery, Hunan Aided Africa Agricultural Machinery, etc. have established good cooperative relations. The company's tractor products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions, and sales outlets have been established in 16 countries and regions including Syria, Chile, Kyrgyzstan, etc. And service outlets, effectively guarantee the sales of Taihong tractor products, and increase the international reputation of the Taihong tractor brand.
In 2020, under the leadership of the group company, further improve team building, expand product sales channels, adopt the "going out" strategy, enter and integrate into the market; cooperate with central enterprises and enterprises above designated size, and adopt the "borrowing ships to go to sea" method, Establish 40-50 more sales networks and service outlets in major markets around the world to realize the in-depth sales of our Taihong products and further increase the international reputation of the Taihong brand.
"Working together for a win-win future" is Bo Xu International's corporate purpose. Bo Xu International, your good partner.





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Weifang Taihong Tractor Co., Ltd. is established in 1994, located in the south-west of the beautiful city of kite-----Weifang, occupies an area of 35,800 square meters, among which 9,700 square meters are under roof; possesses a total fixed assets over 22 million RMB Yuan, holds 80 sets of production equipment



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